Understanding how our brains function when we learn has helped scientists develop simpler methods that boost retention. And one of those very simple strategies is the principle of repetition.

When our brain encounters new information, it takes note of what it received. But if that information doesn’t get used in a short while, it is quickly forgotten. That is exactly why we tend to forget names when we’re first introduced to acquaintances.

Now when that information is recalled over and over by a person, the brain realizes that that was some piece of valuable information that may be needed sooner. And it makes note of that. This, again, is the reason why we remember our names quickly. Because we use (and hear it) often.

You can easily use this same old principle to improve your child’s grades. Well, schools have been trying to do just that by giving students homework to submit at a later date.

You see, children, when they’re done with school, usually count that a full day. Once they’re fed and eaten, they will rather watch their favorite shows or play outside than sit through another 3-hours of school work.

Schools know this, of course. But it’s for the child’s sake that the assignment was given. For the same reason that we mentioned previously. To improve their child’s ability to remember.

Just like we’ve mentioned with names, when your child learns some new topic in school, its brain receives the new information and takes note.

Most children would skimp their homework and think it wouldn’t matter. But we know it does. For their brains would find it harder to remember the previous day’s lecture since the kid deemed the information not important enough to revise.

That is how our brains function in the vast majority of the cases. It quickly discards information that has proved “useless” due to lack of “use.” And when some information is reiterated over and over, it realizes the importance and makes notes accordingly so that the person easily recalls the information when it’s needed.

This is the only reason why homework where created. To aid comprehension and retention, not to serve as some punishment which kids usually take them to be. To improve your child’s learning capacity, which is truly the most important thing to learn in school.

And this is also why it’s important to make sure your kids take their homework seriously. Just like they have time for TV and siesta, help them create and maintain the habit of doing their homework.

Homeworks helps you achieve even more with your child.

While your child does its homework you have the precious time to access yourself your child’s current academic ability and help them to improve. Their teacher has to teach at least 10 other kids and your child may not receive the quality attention it deserves. Homework time is the time you can personally encourage and help your child to understand better.

Most children perform better when they know they have somebody to do my nursing homework for me or at least to provide a guided homework help. When they do their homework, praise any slight improvement. That alone would bolster their ability to confidently take on the “impossible homework” and thrash them because Mummy and Daddy said they could.

Nothing strengthens any relationship than quality time spent together doing something meaningful. And that’s exactly what you gain by spending homework time with your kids. You know them better, you help them and they get to feel loved even more.

But as with anything, extremes are to be avoided. Make sure that your children don’t return with too much homework because it kills the zeal to study. It makes the activity even more drudgery.

Work with their teachers to ensure your child’s homework area is within their current ability to complete successfully. This would help boost their confidence and increase their desire to take on more difficult tasks.

A child that dutifully does its homework always excels the most with the least effort when examinations test them.