How Did the Urban Art Movement Embrace the Modern Society?

It is always difficult to define and explain what does urban art mean. However, urban art is always seen as that art dominates and originates from urban surroundings. It is believed that urban art is created by artists who reside in cities showcasing their theses that are highly vested in the urban lifestyle.

When writing an urban assignment, you may cross a question that requires distinguishing between urban art and street art. The two are almost the same, but what distinguishes one from the other is that urban art is artwork created in studios and not in the streets, but those who come up with the content are from street art.

What describes modern art movements?

Modern art movements are also difficult to explain. Focusing on it renders us on dangerous ground. During the start of the 20th century, the development of art movements has greatly contributed to modern art movements.

Art movements can be defined as those patterns that have unique goals developed by a group of artists within a short period.

However, if we employ this idea in urban art, then it means that we will not see any traditional sense in this modern art movement. It is because urban art has the concept of hybridity, a quality common in modern art movements. Many artists are working on different artworks that range from street art to photography and so on.

Acknowledging urban art movement

Urban expressions that featured art came as rebellious acts deeply connected to art institutions and cultural lifestyles. Urban art depended strongly on the reception by communities. It came as a way of addressing issues of the various communities and local issues.

However, things have changed much for the last 15 years, bringing global movement due to documentation of many streets’ artwork and the use of social media where photos are shared on various online platforms.

Due to the rise of the internet, urban art has trended because people are easily connected and can share ideas as they look at what their colleagues have done. It has also led to followers, where artists get followers on their social media accounts after forming and scene and uploading content.

Characteristics that make urban art accepted and important

  • Aesthetic diversity

Aesthetics of urban expressions featured art by those artists whose practices were embraced in the world that dull artworks dominated. Urban art was characterized by new, bold, and thrilling arts that many people enjoyed. It was also characterized by democracy because its roots came from public and even joint places.

The political, social, and critical aspects were also embraced by those annoyed by the contemporary art that brought loss to our social environment.

  • Urban art ignored the academic conversation

Unlike contemporary art that focused on the small, educated circle, urban art ignored this and embraced everybody regardless of their status. It focused a lot on our day-to-day activities as well as the reality that is there. With this, people enjoyed and embraced it. People became entertained and relieved the urban art relaxed their minds. It became a movement with many supporters.

  • Urban art was characterized by freedom and creativity

Urban art assignments communicated a lot to the community highlighting their plights through creative artwork. It opened an avenue for people to bring their ideas, thoughts, opinions on board and criticisms on social issues such oppressive ways, such as the government in place through humor and so on. It means that urbanism became more popular and significant because it expresses the emotions and feelings of many people.

  • Endless urban expressions featured art

Urban art allows and gives freedom to those practitioners that utilize it ad it does not follow any rules when conveying the message. It is modern art movements that give freedom to self-made artists and those equipped with knowledge on art through education. It is growing and evolving as people are embracing it totally due to its qualities.

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