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Homework nowadays has become an integral part of the school process; it makes the learning process more comfortable and more convenient. Since school days, we have indeed been involved in carrying out assignments. Yet very few of us thought about who originated homework. Who was that person to come up with the idea of homework? When was it invented? And what is the initial goal of the homework? Let’s find the answer to who invented school homework in this article and explore the practical importance of homework that a teacher.

Historical Facts about Homework

References to the word apply to the age of ancient Rome. In the first century AD, Pliny, an oratory teacher who created homework, asked his students in Quintilian to take part in home-based tasks. The process was focused on developing a person’s speaking skills in a more informal atmosphere. The outcomes of homework assignments were exciting; other teachers are using the learning method as time progressed.

Roberto Nevilis, an Italian pedagogue, is known to be the actual “inventor” of homework. He was the individual who had pioneered homework in far 1905 and decided to make it a punishment for his students. From the time assignment was invented, this idea has been popular all over the world.

The final part of the late nineteenth century was accompanied by a significant development of the education system. Significant events have been linked to some outcomes in patterns of how often and what kind of homework a student has done. All of this has impacted the quality of education. Teachers taught following the method of the instructor who pioneered homework regarded homework to be a requisite method of learning; it was a mandatory part of the training. From this point of view, teaching can hardly go forward without home lessons. Homework was described as one of the types of independent work.

This assigns vast relevance to the willingness of the student to learn independently. To perform the functions set by the teacher at home, the following requirements should be met:

  • It must be doable;
  • It should never be broad or complex;
  • This is not to be developed at the beginning of the training until students know how to work individually.

Home learning may contribute to the overall process of research. One of the essential challenges facing new schools is to enhance the standard of teaching. And assignment help blog 123Homework is a fantastic tool; the inventor of it is a true hero in this regard. With a professional helper, you will learn to gain a lot of insight.

Types of Homework

Since the time homework was created, there are not too many different types of tasks. Because the person who invented school and reading did not have the opportunity to do enough “testing” in this respect, it was challenging for him to generate a method for accurate at-home learning.

Teachers are active in the research cycle, with the following types of homework.

  • Mastering materials under study as per the textbook;
  • Performing oral exercises;
  • Performing written exercises;
  • Production of creative works (writing essays, etc.);
  • Formulation of reports on the material under study (coursework writing, etc.);
  • Performing findings and studies.

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